Why We Have Beer Distributors of Massachusetts

Beer Distributors of Massachusetts was created to protect the family-owned businesses in the beer distribution industry and works to promote the responsible use of the products they distribute.

Its primary mission is to advocate on behalf of member companies in the legislative, regulatory, and legal and public policy arenas.

Currently the organization stands in opposition against proposed legislation, H. 267, which aims to allow small brewers, who brew up to 6 million barrels a year, to terminate contracts with distributors without any prior notice.

This legislation on Beacon Hill threatens to damage the craft beer consumer by significantly limiting new and innovative brands that are brought to store shelves.

It will allow brewers who do not represent 20 percent of their distributors’ sales to terminate their contacts whenever they please.  For many distributors, this could mean up to 40 percent of their business and in a struggling economy, many businesses will not be able to take that risk.

If passed, this legislation will deal a substantial blow to many family-owned distributors throughout the Commonwealth, and ultimately end up hurting many of the brewers relying on these partnerships

The current network works.  It helps craft brewers market and distribute their products to be available for consumers.  The best way to get a small craft brew to market is through a distributor.   The state’s network of beer distributors is the best tool available to craft brewers for penetrating the market and achieving and maintaining visibility on store shelves.

The Beer Distributors of Massachusetts believes no one wins with this legislation.  It will not only hurt the true small craft brewers who are not able to utilize the strategic marketing expertise of the distributor to get their beer on the shelf, but also the consumer who will miss out on seeing new innovative brands at their local liquor stores.


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