Boston Ranked Among Best Beer Cities, But That Could Change

Boasting scores of breweries and hand-crafted beers, the city of Boston has long been known as one of the meccas of beer in America.

Widely renowned for its large variety of local brews, Boston was just rated the fourth best beer city it America, ranking higher than Philadelphia, Austin,TX and San Francisco, according to Bigger cities like New York, Chicago and even the “Brew City,” Milwaukee did not even make the list.

But if one particular law passes, the beer business could drastically change in Bean Town, ruining its rich history of brewing.

The proposed legislation – H 267 – also known as “An Act Relative to Small Brewers” – would damage long-standing business partnerships between craft brewers and distributors by making unneeded and harmful changes to the relationships that have allowed distributors to be a crucial marketing force for the craft brew industry

This legislation on Beacon Hill threatens to damage the craft beer consumer by significantly limiting new and innovative brands that are brought to store shelves.  It will allow brewers who do not represent 20 percent of their distributors’ sales to terminate their contacts whenever they please.  For many distributors, this could mean up to 40 percent of their business and in a struggling economy, many businesses will not be able to take that risk.

If passed, this legislation will deal a substantial blow to many family-owned distributors throughout the Commonwealth, and ultimately end up hurting many of the true small craft brewers relying on these partnerships.

If this legislation is passed, no one wins.  It will not only hurt the true small craft brewers who are not able to utilize the strategic marketing expertise of the distributor to get their beer on the shelf, but also the consumer who will miss out on seeing new innovative brands at their local liquor stores.


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